Announcing TurnKey Hub v1.0 – now officially out of private beta

Posted by Alon Swartz // March 30th, 2011 // Uncategorized

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When we first announced the TurnKey Hub private beta about 9 months ago, we had limited capacity (invitation only) and a modest feature set. Since then we tested, bugfixed, removed bottlenecks and added features, constantly improving the Hub with the help and feedback from our excellent beta users. Thank you so much!

With the release of TurnKey 11 which was tightly integrated with TKLBAM and the Hub, the amount of Hub invitation requests exploded. We were prepared for this and managed to scale the Hub smoothly without any serious issues.

With several months of testing, feedback and bugfixes under our belt we are now confident enough to officially announce, a bit earlier than planned, that the Hub is out of private beta. As of today, the Hub is open to all, and new users will no longer be required to request an invitation.

Existing users can rest easy though. We will continue to carefully monitor the Hub's performance. There should be no interruptions to the service. Worse case scenario, if we start hitting unforseen capacity issues we will temprarily reintroduce the limit on new signups.

Review of notable changes since the initial release

TurnKey Backup and Migration

  • A few months into the private beta we announced support for TurnKey Backup and Migration (AKA TKLBAM), which amongst other uses makes previously difficult tasks such as testing your backups much easier.
  • In response to demand, we've added support for configurable backup retention. Users can specify how many full backups they would like to keep for any given server backup (set to unlimited by default).

TurnKey Cloud Servers

  • Support for TurnKey Linux 11 images (legacy images still available to ease migration).
  • Basic pre-launch configuration: No more having to fiddle with the default passwords after an instance launches. The Hub supports pre-seeding appliance configuration before launch. This makes up for not having console access that would usually be required for first boot configuration.
  • TKLBAM pre-initialization: No more having to cut and paste your Hub APIKEY to initialize TKLBAM. The Hub pre-initializes TKLBAM automatically when the instance is first launched.
  • Upgradeable Kernels: We've figured out how to make it easy to update the kernel via pv-grub.
  • Preset launch region automatically chosen by geo-location of user.

General stuff

  • Performance optimizations, improved stability and error handling.
  • Refined the look and feel with an update to the theme.
  • We now try harder to explain how the Hub works and what it's good for before and after you sign up. For example we've added nice visual tours of the Backup and migration and Cloud servers features.
  • We've added a pricing page answering frequently asked questions. Yes, the Hub is still free. You pay Amazon directly for the cloud resources you use.
  • Improved start page to get you going once you sign up. Once you setup your account, this transforms into a dashboard that provides a high level overview and quick access links.
  • New and improved notifications (growl style).
  • Removed invitation requirement and added support for OpenID signup and authentication.
  • Added functionality to change account email.
  • Full internationalization support (UTF-8).
  • APT archive geo-location API service for choosing the closest package archive.
  • Link to Privacy policy.

As usual, feedback is appreciated. If you don't have a TurnKey Hub account yet, go get one now or try out the demo. If you already have a TurnKey Hub account, go check out the new stuff.

The TurnKey Hub lives at:

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