Ensemble updates and Hit list

Posted by kim0 // June 20th, 2011 // Uncategorized

Ensemble is progressing with an extreme pace! So what happened last week? Here’s the drill

  • Ensemble formulas can now be referenced like “lp:principia/mediawiki”. This is part of an effort to marry LaunchPad and Ensemble, in order to provide a smooth formula hosting experience
  • principia-tools now has a script, ‘promulgate’, that assigns a branch as the official branch for a formula! This can be yours! Interested to write an Ensemble formula for your favorite software, leave me a comment right here or ping me (kim0) on freenode IRC!
  • Initial bash completion support for Ensemble is landing soonish it seems (Thanks Ben Saller and Dustin Kirkland)
  • Getting started with Ensemble screencast → http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2011/06/zero-to-ensemble-in-5-mins/
  • A man page for ensemble cli tools is in the works
  • txzookeeper and Ensemble packages have been uploaded to Oneiric. They’re awaiting review by an archive admin. Yes that means soon Ensemble can be installable from the Ubuntu and Debian archives
  • Interesting discussion and introducing Ensemble to the mediawiki community
  • Important points to prepare your formula to be shared
  • Debug-hooks functionality has been improved significantly. Debug-hooks is a pretty awesome feature that lets you debug any Ensemble hook errors, and debug them quite easily in a live environment. This functionality has been streamlined and now works better than ever


The Hit List

Here is current hit list, these are all new formulas that need to be written

  • #795477 Joomla: Thanks to Adnane Belmadiaf Joomla now has a working Ensemble formula. All Joomla fans now rejoice! And start hacking to improve the formula though 😉
  • INPROGRESS #795480 trac: Project management, bug tracker, svn webui, wiki. Who doesn’t love trac! (Ahmed El Gamil has stepped up to write this formula)
  • INPROGRESS #795481 phpmyadmin: Relate this to mysql, and manage any DB from the comfort of your browser. (Atul Jha has stepped up to write this formula)
  • #795476 NFS: Many formulas can relate to this one and use as their backend storage. This can later be made into HA NFS
  • #795478 Dovecot+postfix: This formula would basically be a cloud mailserver in a box. We’ll start with a very basic postfix endpoint configuration
  • #795479 Roundcube: Relate this to the previous dovecot formula, and we have useable web-mail too!

How to get involved

1. Get the formulas.

Checkout formulas that interest you and deploy the formulas to the cloud

2. Make your contribution

Pick a bug from the list above and create a formula for it. Be sure to subscribe yourself to the bug and mention you’re working on it

3. Share your formula.

Upload your code to Launchpad, and prepare to share it with the world

If you feel you need help, you can always find an Ensemble developer at #ubuntu-ensemble or grab me (kim0) on freenode

So would you like to squash one of those bugs ? Let me know your opinion either-way, leave me a comment

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