Graphics Ninjas invited to help

Posted by kim0 // June 22nd, 2011 // Uncategorized


Are you a graphics ninja ? Are you interested in helping Ubuntu ?

If you answered yes to those two questions, you’re invited to help improve The Ubuntu cloud portal needs some graphics love, I’d like to start adding better graphics that are regularly updated to reflect recent content and events. So you’ll be helping the cloud portal shine from a graphics perspective. By contributing you’ll get the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped Ubuntu and OpenSource in your own way, we’ll be forever grateful and your work will be seen by millions of eyes.

If you just got an adrenaline rush, and would like to help. email me at kim0 AT, or leave a comment here or ping kim0 on freenode irc

5 Responses to “Graphics Ninjas invited to help”

  1. Devraj Baruah says:

    Hello there, I am a Graphic Designer and would like to contribute to this project!

  2. Ross says:

    Hello! Would love to help with anything, i’m a Scottish artist, working in Valencia Spain, only just finished this page, nothing fantastic about the tools used, they were all free, but i used GIMP to create everything, been on many a distro, kinda fell in love with Ubuntu though, something about it.. y’know?! HA!

    Last page on my web page there is a link to my other web page with more art, i have been creating ideas based around my daughter.. Stories and tales of adventure, we make music and create together.. She is 4.

    Anything i can do for you.. Please lemme’ know!

  3. kim0 says:

    Hi Devraj and Ross,
    Thank you for offering to help, I really appreciate it. I’ll be emailing you once I’ve settled on exactly which graphics need to be done. Thanks again .. talk to you soon

  4. Jono Bacon says:

    Thanks Devraj and Ross for offering to help! :-)

  5. Graham Wood says:

    Hey kim0,

    Really excited at the prospect of getting involved, I’ve done a wide range of graphic identity/branding and UI design before and am a web design veteran, so would really love to help out.

    Happy to provide a portfolio if you would like?