Juju in 11.10 beta2, LXC and OpenStack improvements

Posted by kim0 // September 26th, 2011 // Uncategorized

A new version of juju has been merged in Ubuntu 11.10 beta-2, if you’re not already running Oneiric beta, you can download the beta-2 ISO and start experimenting. Let’s checkout the latest happenings in the juju world

Juju core

  • The juju ppa has been updated (migrated from Ensemble). You can now install the juju ppa using sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/pkgs
  • Clint has prepared the final freeze excpetion for including juju into 11.10 beta-2. You can read more here
  • The project’s mailing list was also renamed from Ensemble to juju. You can subscribe by visiting: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/juju
  • TONS of work are landing in juju trunk to enable “local developer” mode. This will enable a juju user to deploy charms locally (say on a laptop) using Linux Containers (LXC) as a light weight virtualization solution. Most of the work for this was merged already, expect a major announcement and post about it very soon
  • Clint committed further fixes and improvements to the juju test suite improving robustness
  • Kapil besides spear heading the local developer story, has also committed needed fixes for improving OpenStack compatibility. This means that juju can now target an openstack cloud just as it targets ec2. This is part of the effort needed to provide a seamless and integrated juju experience with “Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure”, the new Ubuntu cloud product based on OpenStack (superseding UEC)
  • Juju now by default launches Oneiric AMIs on EC2. Always a sign that Oneiric is taking shape :)
  • Gustavo and the team are still working hard to bring you the charm shop (or whatever it will be called). This provides integration between juju and launchpad so you can search download and use charms right from juju and have an integrated experience. Hang on tight for this one


Charms too got their fare share of updates

  • LOTS of charms are being worked on to fully provision the openstack based “Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure” product using juju charms. This is quite an interesting development. I’ll be sure to share a demo with you folks once it’s ready
  • Collectd the performance monitoring tool, got itself master and slave charms
  • Almost every charm was touched to be updated for the juju rename. You can view the list of charms here
  • The cassandra charm got refactored into a single common script for better code maintainability, plus improving seeding new nodes
  • You can see a list of needed charms over here. If you’d like to be a charmer (we mean that in the juju sense :) now is a great time to jump in and start playing with juju writing your own charms

Visit us on #juju on Freenode IRC, and the helpful juju community will surely help you answer any questions you may have with either juju, or with writing new charms. You can certainly ping me (kim0) if you’d like to chat a bit about juju or ubuntu cloud in general.

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