Getting Started with Ubuntu Orchestra — Servers in Concert!

Posted by Dustin Kirkland // October 27th, 2011 // Uncategorized

4 Responses to “Getting Started with Ubuntu Orchestra — Servers in Concert!”

  1. Joel says:

    I noticed that puppet wasn’t mentioned at all. Will puppet or mcollective be included in orchestra for configuration management? If not then are there any plans for that?


  2. Joel says:

    Also, is there any plans to allow orchestra to setup ubuntu desktop systems? This would strike me as a way to simplify desktop deployment

  3. Vilito says:

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the info.

    What would be your suggestion for the following situation?

    I would like to demonstrate to my manager, that we should have a build farm and it would be ‘relatively’ easy to manage with Ubuntu cloud solution.

    Here is what I want for us and how I would like to demonstrate it to him.

    We have a number of developers who needs to do Linux builds. Currently, everyone logs into a Linux machine and builds there. What I want, is a set of VMs, with each user having their own VM. They can log in there, and do their builds. The problem now, is, that this build server is always over burdened and often runs out of space. Users are asked to delete files to help free up space. If we add another server, then developers have to decided or be told which to use. Still not the best utilization of computing resources.

    With a cloud solution, I want their VM to float around to some available Node Controller (NC) and they won’t have to worry about which physical machine it is on. They will always log into the same VM.

    This is how I would like to demonstrate this is.
    – Create the same setup as the live cloud image on a single Server (I already have the server with 11.10 on it)
    * So I would need the steps to turn my server into the one configured on the live cloud image. So I am able to create instances to demonstrate that it is very easy to create a VM that are fully configured.
    – Be able to add another NC with the server and show that the instances migrate to the NC without much or any manual intervention.
    – Add another Storage Controller/Walrus node to show storage can be increased at will.

    If I can demonstrate those three things, there is no way he won’t say go ahead and do it. I already have one beefy machine (Xeon dual CPUs, 6 cores per CPU, with 6GM Ram and 3×150 GB hard).

  4. Jay says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a missing step:

    > Once your Orchestra Server is installed, you’re ready to prepare your target system for installation.

    I don’t know what black magic you used, but once I installed the “meta-package” I did not magically view the cobbler pages…. You seem to go:

    1: Install packages
    2: ???
    3: Use packages
    4: Profit

    Which is, the wrong sequence of events… should be:

    1: Install Packages
    2: Login to Packages
    3: Use Packages
    4: ???
    5: Profit

    I know you say you can’t “support” our questions, but this seems to be a rather large… omission (The part about, you know, how to login to your newly installed software…).

    Hopefully, you understand my I’ll fated attempt at humor, and don’t take me as being snide.

    Thanks for the article, it was great until I had to login to my software to follow your instructions, at this point I’m stuck and too tired to troubleshoot further; a task for tomorrow. Again, thanks for the article.