Ubuntu Cloud Live

Posted by Dustin Kirkland // October 7th, 2011 // Uncategorized

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  2. Unwired Tech says:

    I want that USB Stick!

  3. Vyseus says:

    Finally. hope get a chance to test it!

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    it’s nice

  5. This is fantastic. Thanks to you and everyone else for the effort that has gone into this. A remarkable feat for sure.

  6. Joshua says:

    I can’t find the demo video you mentioned anywhere? Can you post it here or link to it because I’d love to take a look! Thanks!

  7. how you all make that ? ? ?

  8. Yeah I need such a USBsteack for my ubuntu backup :)

  9. Remington says:

    Yeah, I’d so love an Ubuntu Branded USB stick, oh and the software too of course 😉

  10. Jane says:

    Cool stuff! Can’t wait to finish my current projects and try it !
    Good luck…

  11. aceJacek says:

    $ testdrive -u ./binary.img
    ERROR: Invalid ISO URL [./binary.img]

    $ testdrive -u file://./binary.img

    INFO: Launching Virtual Machine…

    No bootable device

    Also, no success with VirtualBox nor Parallel Desktop :-(

  12. eduardo says:

    A very interesting proposal, since ubuntu has grown in complexity to boot from the thumb drive has become unviable. I was just frustrated that only run in 64 bit, I would be interested in a version for 32.

    • kim0 says:

      For everyone wanting to spin up a 32bit version .. ofcourse all the tools are open sourced, anyone interested to step up and try spinning that 32bit image? Let me know and I’ll try to help :) Enjoy folks

  13. Hi,

    Thank you for your solution. It’s easy to evaluate Diablo (nova & glance), because packages and configuration are realized. But, I would like to have as the solution devops, the Web management console OpenStack-Dashboard. Are there plans to integrate it? Otherwise, the installation is the same as for the release Cactus?


    • kim0 says:

      The dashboard was removed just before release because it was “not-ready”. From comments I heard, it’s just not working correctly and is too buggy at this stage. You can expect to have it back in the next release though

  14. borensky says:

    Ok, we can use to manage VM, via hybridfox. There remains space on the drive via LVM to manage blocks of data, such as EBS?