Ubuntu ServerGuide community review 100%

Posted by kim0 // October 13th, 2011 // Uncategorized

I had been pushing to get the Ubuntu server guide reviewed to coincide with the Ubuntu Oneiric release! And now I am happy to see the current review state as green as it can get!

This has been an excellent example of community collaboration. The co-ordination was done on a shared Pad document, and all communications was on that epic thread. I would like to thank Adam Sommer, the previous maintainer of the serverguide. Adam had decided to step-down (which started this whole review thing). Adam had been doing a great job, however he needed some rest.

I’d like to thank everyone who worked on this (in no particular order):

Thank you all!
Note that not all changes have been merged yet, hopefully in a few days they will though. If YOU are interested to maintain the server-guide for the 12.04 cycle, step up and let me know. It’s a great way to help Ubuntu Server. Happy this coincided with the Oneiric release, Ubuntu is both, great software and a great community!

11 Responses to “Ubuntu ServerGuide community review 100%”

  1. Kinduff says:

    Great work! Congratulations and thanks a lot for the guide!

  2. Awesome job. I’m not very well qualified as a sysadmin (yet), though I’ve got a few sites running on Ubuntu distros on a VPS or two. I’m definitely better at writing than linux so far (I’m mostly a project manager for Drupal stuff, by day). Is there anything I can help with?

  3. Clikc says:

    Niiice… I love Server Guide – extremely handy

  4. koolhead17 says:


    Its always good to have more people contributing, it will be nice if you could check the Ubuntu Drupal community documentation https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Drupal

    See if you could add more to it. :)

  5. ScottK says:

    Thanks for coordinating and while I hate to sound petty about it, I wish if you were going to list contributors, you’d list them all.

  6. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

  7. Gregor says:

    Is there a PDF version?

    • kim0 says:

      If you checkout the source code of the docs, you can actually create it (make pdf I believe). However today there isn’t

  8. Adam Sommer says:

    Great work kim0 and everyone who helped with updating the guide for 11.10, so good to know that the guide continues to be useful. Also, thanks for the shout out :-).

    Party On,

    • kim0 says:

      Thank you for all your previous contributions :) I hope you’re enjoying your “vacation” and sure you’ll be “back” soon 😉