Hitting the road with juju talks and Charm Schools.

Posted by jorge // January 25th, 2012 // Uncategorized

We’re hitting the road in 2012 with talks and Charm Schools all over the US. Find us at Strata, POSSCon, the OpenStack Conference, railsconf, NodeConf, gluecon, Velocity, OSCON, RubyConf, SURGE, QCon, and LISA 12!

Check out our Event Calendar for dates!

2 Responses to “Hitting the road with juju talks and Charm Schools.”

  1. […] is focused on growing the Juju charming community and is making great progress. A tour of events is planned and Jorge has a hit-list of upstream projects which he is focusing on to get charms put together […]

  2. […] This year’s tracks are Technical, Big Picture, Education, and Demo. The education track is one of our perpetually popular tracks; it was about the first to fill up with speakers this year. Ubuntu sysadmins will get a chance to learn more about JuJu with Canonical’s Charm School. […]