OpenStack Jenkins dashboard available for testing

Posted by jorge // January 26th, 2012 // Uncategorized

The keener eyed of you may have noticed:

James Page has setup the jobs in the Ubuntu OpenStack QA Lab to start publishing to the public Jenkins QA instance this morning. We now have automated build testing of all core openstack components triggered from upstream trunk commits. This is followed by automated deployment (-deploy) of OpenStack in the lab with a serving of testing (-test) once its all up and running.

Credit to Adam Gandelman for the Juju charm work, deployment framework and test execution and to Chuck Short for the hugely misnamed script which completes the git/bzr/packaging fu to build and deploy openstack packages!

The plan is to get the upstream Tempest test suite running in the lab; at the moment we are running a more limited test script just to ensure that you can spin up and instance and see it on the network.

5 Responses to “OpenStack Jenkins dashboard available for testing”

  1. Gustavo says:

    hello I´m interested this information to konw how to installa openstack

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  5. cassy says:

    ubuntu is great open source operating system.
    i like this OS most.