Announcing the UDS Juju Charm Contest for UDS attendees

Posted by jorge // April 26th, 2012 // Uncategorized

It’s time for another Juju Charm Contest, where you can submit your charms and win fabulous prizes! This contest is for Ubuntu Developer Summit Attendees; and our prizes are three sexy Dell XPS 13 ultrabooks, which we’ll be awarding to the three lucky winners of the contest.

So how can you win yourself one of these? Well, with 66 services already ready to be deployed on the cloud we’re always looking for more, so have a look at what you think is missing from the Juju Charm Store and submit your charm as an entry.

We’ve got the step-by-step instructions on how to write your own charm, we’re looking for things DevOps deploy to the cloud, so be creative! You have from now until May 09 to submit your charm. At that point we’ll judge the entries, and then give out the Dell XPS 13’s during the last day of the Ubuntu  Developer Summit, so if you’re missing your favorite service from the Charm Store, submit an entry and you’ll automatically be entered in the contest.

Full contest rules here, including the judging criteria, so you’ll want to read that before you get started. Happy Charming!

7 Responses to “Announcing the UDS Juju Charm Contest for UDS attendees”

  1. MMMMM , *want* … would be perfect to replace the old non-Unibody Macbook I’ve been using when mobile …. small and light but not tiny, perfect hackin charms on the beach portable. ( with a screen size that would actually compliment Unity for a change )

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  4. Andreas says:

    The rules say ” Deadline is 1700 PDT on 09 May 12.”, but your post says “May 3”

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